Acrobatics is a Body Skill that represents how well a character can jump, keep their balance, and in general conduct themselves physically with swiftness and grace. Characters with a high Acrobatics Rank tend to be highly agile and well-coordinated, and it reflects in their activities. Gymnasts, parkour practitioners, circus performers, and dancers would all have a high Acrobatics Rank.

Skill ChecksEdit

Acrobatics Skill Checks are used when your character has to perform physical tasks requiring a great deal of precision and finesse that usually require bodily movement or tasks that require hand-eye coordination.

Some examples include:

  • Shimmying across a narrow ledge
  • Jumping across slippery stones in a river
  • Dodging out of the way of falling debris from a cave-in or an earthquake
  • Throwing objects accurately
  • Juggling
  • Swappig a golden statue for a bag of sand on a booby-trapped pedestal

Opposed Acrobatics Checks are used for races through obstacle courses or difficult terrain and for determining who recovers their footing first after being thrown off balance by unstable ground.


Acrobatics can be used to mitigate damage taken from falling from great heights or mount a Pokémon in the middle of battle and stay on even when under attack or affected by Status Afflictions.

For Pokémon, Acrobatics is the Skill Check for Intercepting attacks aimed at someone else.

Associated EdgesEdit


Prerequisites: Adept Acrobatics

Effect: Increase your Jump and Long Jump capabilities by 1 each.

Nimble MovementEdit

Prerequisites: Expert Acrobatics

Effect: You can move through squares occuppied by enemies as if they were normal squares.

Mounted ProwessEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Acrobatics or Athletics

Effect: You automatically succed Acrobatics Checks to mount a Pokémon, and you get +3 to all Acrobatics Checks to stay mounted.

Practice MovementsEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Acrobatics

Effect: You learn Feint.


Prerequisites: Expert Acrobatics

Effect: You may run up and/or across vertical surfaces up to your Acrobatics Rank in meters before falling off.