PTA - Azu

Azu Hortia

Hometown Tir Chonail
Age 9
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 4'0"/ 121.92 cm
Weight 57 lbs./ 25.9 kg


Born to the reputed Gary Hortia, Ruin Maniac, and Mary Fee, Azu grew up in Tir Chonail where the troubles of the world rarely ever reached. As a baby she spent nearly all of her time staring up at the berry trees that Nora planted and tended to, inheriting her father's obssessive nature as she eyed them day after day until she could walk when it turned into persistent climbing/reaching. Most of the townspeople know her for always getting yelled at by Malcolm for ruining Nora's livelihood every time she can't resist the temptation and nicks a berry or two, though she always ended up repaying with her allowance in the end.

Her mother Mary helps out at the Healer's House regularly so Azu is given an immense of amount of freedom frome early on. Mary has never denied that Azu could not hound after berries as much as she does, but aside from when it comes to berries she has a somewhat sensible head on her shoulders. The only time she really sees her mother is during breakfast and dinner, or when she's been caught doing something wrong (usually picking Nora's berry trees without permission). Despite that, Azu has roamed free to do as she pleases since she turned 6 and mostly stays out from underfoot as she "assists" Nora with cleaning and storing her harvest. Azu's almost unhealthy love for berries is anything but a secret as everyone in the town has seen her eating the berries straight from the trees and bushes like a pokemon would, as well they have heard her biggest dream: to find a pokemon team that would help her grow and tend to a giant berry farm; that many believe will only end up producing berries that end up on her dinner plate until she eats herself sick on them.