Combat is a Body Skill that represents training in physical fighting and specialized battle techniques. Combat can represent formal schooling in unarmed martial arts, weapons training, or simply very good street fighting and brawling.

Skill ChecksEdit

Combat Skill Checks are made mostly in battle, tested when when performing Combat Maneuvers including:

  • Pushing
  • Tripping
  • Grappling
  • Disarming

Out of battle Combat Checks can be made, usually as Opposed Checks when:

  • Grabbing for the same item as someone else
  • Pushing someone without intending to seriously hurt them
  • Martial performances
  • Break objects/obstacles with brute force


High ranks in Combat improves the damage and accuracy of Struggle attacks for characters.

Associated EdgesEdit

Basic Martial ArtsEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Combat

Effect: You learn Rock Smash.

Weapon Edge - Fury of BlowsEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Athletics

Effect: You learn Fury Attack, but you must use claws, nunchucku, your fists, or similar light weapons.

Combat TrainingEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Combat

Effect: Increase all your Combat Stats by 1.

Note: This Edge is rather powerful and some GMs may want to houserule this as a Feature instead.

Weapon Edge - Piercing BlowEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Combat

Effect: You learn Drill Run, but you must use a spear or similar sharp, thrusting weapon.

Weapon Edge - Aegis TrainingEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Combat

Effect: You learn Protect, but you must use a shield or similar protective device.

Weapon Edge - Smashing Good TimeEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Combat

Effect: You learn Slam, but you must use a hammer, baseball bat, or similar blunt weapon.

Weapon Edge - Clean ShotEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Combat

Effect: You learn Drill Peck, but you must use a Ranged Weapon such as a bow, throwing knife, or such. Your Drill Peck deals Normal Type damage and has range equal to your weapon's.

Weapon Edge - Way of the BladeEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Combat

Effect: You learn Slash, but you must use a sword, knife, or similar bladed weapon.

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