Edges are what they sound like, they're little things that will give a character the slight lead even among their "equals." Edges are used to increase Skills in some way, either broadly by increasing a Rank or developing a specialty technique within the skill. (i.e. Riding your pokemon as an Athletics or Acrobatics edge). Remember though that certain edges are only available at character creation.

"So, you want to know the difference between Edges and Features? Simple, Features are abilities that Trainers can use, but they have to be activated typically. Edges are mini-features in a way, static and always on. Don't be confused though, there are Edges like the Crafting Edges that you need to sit down and actually do; this isn't the time to suddenly make apricorns into Poké Balls."


You gain 3 Edges at character creation (you will always be bound by prerequisites), and gain another at every even Level, and additional Edges with restricted uses at every Level at which your maximum Skill Rank increases.

Blaine's Executive Decision! (take with a grain of salt)

"Alright then kid, here's the deal. Sometimes other people's notes don't make sense so I'm just going to put my foot down here. See that underlined sentence there? Unless your GM says otherwise, it means at Levels 2, 6, and 12 (the ones you can get a higher max Skill Rank in) you get 2 Edges that level. Get it? 1 for the even level, 1 for the max Skill Rank."

Skill EdgesEdit

Basic Skills  
Prerequisites: None
Effect: Rank Up a skill from Pathetic to Untrained, or Untrained to Novice. This Edge may be taken multiple times

Adept Skills  
Prerequisites: Level 2
Effect: Rank Up a skill from Novice to Adept. This Edge may be taken multiple times.

Expert Skills  
Prerequisites: Level 6
Effect: Rank Up a skill from Adept to Expert. This Edge may be taken multiple times.

Master Skills  
Prerequisites: Level 12
Effect: Rank Up a skill from Expert to Master. This Edge may be taken multiple times.

Skill Stunt  
Prerequisites: A Skill Rank Novice or higher.
Effect: Choose a specific use of a skill you have at rank Novice or higher; when making a skille check for that specific circumstance, you can choose to roll one less die and add +6 to the end result instead. This Edge may be taken multiple times, with a different use chosen each time.

Crafting EdgesEdit

Apricorn Balls  
Prerequisites: Novice Survival or Adept Technology Eduation
Effect: As an Extended Action, you may craft Apricorns into their corresponding Poké Ball. This Feature requires using a Poké Ball Tool Box

Basic Balls  
Prerequisites: Novice Technology Eduation
Effect: You can craft Basic Poké Balls for 100 poké and Great Balls for 175 poké. This Feature requires using a Poké Ball Tool Box

Basic Cooking  
Prerequisites: Novice Intuition
Effect: You may create "Candy Bars" or "Baby Food" with cooking ingredients costing 50 poké. You may fluff the food in any reasonable way you like.

Green Thumb  
Prerequisites: Novice General Education or Novice Survival
Effect: You know how to grow Apricorns and Tier 1 Berries using a Portable Grower or Fertilized Soil.

Prerequisites: Novice Pokémon Education or Survival
Effect: You can identify Fossils with a DC 15 Pokémon Education or Survival check. You also know how to operate Reanimation Machines and can use them to revive Fossils.

Repel Crafter  
Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
Effect: You may create Repels for 100 poké or Super Repels for 150 poké. This feature requires usage of a Chemistry Set.

Pokemon Training EdgesEdit

Beast Master  
Prerequisites: Novice Intimidate
Effect: Add your Spirit Modifier to all Intimidate Skill checks instead of Body. Intimidate essentially becomes a Spirit-Skill for you. You may use Intimidate instead of Command to handle unruly Pokémon and determine the limits/effects of Training.

Prerequisites: Novice Pokémon Education
Effect: If you are able to give two Pokémon at least 4 hours of alone time, you may make a Pokémon Education Check, DC 12. If you succeed, the Pokémon are guaranteed to produce an egg when given an additional 4 hours.

Prerequisites: Novice Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, or Intuition
Effect: Your Pokémon may consume and benefit from 2 more Poffins each. If a Pokémon with this benefit is traded to another Trainer without this Feature, the extra dice from Poffins are not lost but the Pokémon cannot break the 6 Dice benefit limit. You may always use any Skill that act as prerequisites for Grace in the Introduction Stage of a Contest to roll for Contest Stat Dice of any kind.

Prerequisites: Novice Pokémon Education
Effect: You know how to groom your Pokémon well. Grooming a Pokémon takes roughly half an hour and usage of a Groomer's Kit. Recently groomed Pokémon roll an extra 1d6 during the Introduction Stage. Regular Grooming may raise your Pokémon's loyalty.

Group Trainer  
Prerequisites: Novice Command

You may train a number of Pokémon equal to your Command Rank instead of half, like normal.

Blaine's Executive Decision!

"Back again, kid! Master of Deciper, Blaine here. The number of Pokémon they're talking about up there is talking about Out of Combat training. NOT how many Pokémon you can have with you."

Pokemon Connoisseur  
Prerequisites: Adept Intuition
Effect: You can determine the Loyalty of an owned Pokémon towards its owner with a DC 15 Intuition Check.

Personal Connection  
Prerequisites: Adept Charm
Effect: Your Pokémon don't lose Loyalty from eating the occasional Repulsive healing items, using moves like Explosion, or Features that specifically cause loss of Loyalty. Being intentionally abusive still lowers Loyalty, however.

Combat EdgesEdit

Athletic Prowess  
Prerequisites: Adept Athletics
Effect: You learn Agility.

Basic Martial Arts  
Prerequisites: Novice Combat
Effect: You learn Rock Smash.

Basic Psionics  
Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Psychic) feature
Effect: You learn Confusion.

Prerequisites: Novice Charm
Effect: You learn Baby-Doll Eyes.

Confidence Artist  
Prerequisites: Novice Guile
Effect: You learn Confide.

Intimidating Presence  
Prerequisites: Novice Intimidate
Effect: You learn Leer.

Prerequisites: Adept Command
Effect: You learn After You.

Practiced Movements  
Prerequisites: Adept Acrobatics
Effect: You learn Feint.

Sneak's Tricks  
Prerequisites: Adept Stealth
Effect: You learn Astonish.

Prerequisites: Adept Survival
Effect: You learn Bulk Up.

Work Up  
Prerequisites: Adept Focus
Effect: You learn Work Up.

Incoming Pryce Communique!

"Hear me out. It's about fighting alongside your pokemon, as equals to share the pain and the victories. But that and the Edges below are two different things. Weapon Edges are things that trainers learn so that they can possibly fight Pokémon on equal ground, not alongside them. This is using weaponry on Pokémon! In some places this kind of thing is illegal and on the level of Team Rocket. Check with your GM before taking these Edges."

Weapon Edge - Aegis Training  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect: You learn Protect, but you must use a shield or similar protective device.

Weapon Edge - Clean Shot  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect: You learn Drill Peck, but you must use a Ranged Weapon such as a bow, throwing knife, or such. Your Drill Peck deals Normal Type damage and has range equal to your weapon's.

Weapon Edge - Fury of Blows  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect: You learn Fury Attack, but you must use claws, nunchucku, your fists, or similar light weapons.

Weapon Edge - Piercing Blow  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect: You learn Drill Run, but you must use a spear or similar sharp, thrusting weapon.

Weapon Edge - Smashing Good Time  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect: You learn Slam, but you must use a hammer, baseball bat, or similar blunt weapon.

Weapon Edge - Way of the Blade  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect: You learn Slash, but you must use a sword, knife, or similar bladed weapon.

Other EdgesEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Acrobatics
Effect: Increase your Jump and Long Jump capabilities by 1 each.

Art of Stealth  
Prerequisites: Expert Stealth
Effect: You gain Stealth as a Capability.

Combat Training  
Prerequisites: Novice Combat
Effect: +1 to all Stats.

Egg Index  
Prerequisites: Adept Pokémon Education
Effect: You know what Pokémon will hatch from an egg by looking at it. Legendary Eggs cannot be identified with this Edge.

Elemental Connection  
Prerequisites: Novice Focus, Intuition, or Type Ace (matching type)

Choose an Elemental Type. You have +2 bonus to Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, and Intuition Checks with that Pokémon type. This Edge is only available at Character creation, with GM permission, or as you become a Type Ace; your selected type must match the element for this Edge.

Incoming Agatha Communique!

"This level of power is extremely tricky, dear. If you already have Mystic Senses and are gaining this Edge, check with your GM first. They may not want you to have this kind of power together. GMs, this is heads up to you too."

Instinctive Aptitude  
Prerequisites: Adept Intuition
Effect: Whenever you spend AP to raise your Accuracy Roll or Skill Check, you get +2 instead of +1. This bonus is only to you, your Pokémon do not benefit from this.

Prerequisites: Novice General Education
Effect: Whenever you aid an ally in an Assisted Skill Check using one of your Novice rank, or higher, Education Skills, add your full Rank value as the bonus instead of half.

Iron Mind  
Prerequisites: Novice Focus
Effect: Add your Mind modifier to all Focus Checks instead of Spirit. Focus becomes a Mind-Skill for you. Also, you become aware of any attempts to read your mind with Telepathy, whether they succeeded or not.

Medic Training  
Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
Effect: When you use Restorative Items on others, they do not forfeit their next turn.

Mounted Prowess  
Prerequisites: Novice Acrobatics or Athletics
Effect: You automatically succed Acrobatics Checks to mount a Pokémon, and you get +3 to all Acrobatics Checks to stay mounted.

Mystic Senses  
Prerequisites: Novice Intuition

You may use Intuition instead of Charm to improve the disposition of Wild Pokémon. You should consult with your GM if you are taking this Edge after character creation.

Incoming Agatha Communique!

"This level of power is extremely tricky, dear. If you already have Elemental Connection (Psychic) and are gaining this Edge, check with your GM first. They may not want you to have this kind of power together. GMs, this is heads up to you too."

Natural Theory  
Prerequisites: Novice Survival
Effect: You may count Survival as an Education Skill for all Features that reference Education Skills, and you may add your Mind modifier to all Survival Checks in addition to your Body modifier.

Nimble Movement  
Prerequisites: Expert Acrobatics
Effect: You can move through squares occuppied by enemies as if they were normal squares.

Power Boost  
Prerequisites: Expert Athletics
Effect: Increase your Power capability by 2.

Prerequisites: Novice Athletics or Survival
Effect: You gain +2 to Swim Speed. you can spend X minutes underwater before suffocating, where X is the higher of your Athletics or Survival Ranks.

Prerequisites: Novice Survival
Effect: You may use Survival instead of Athletics and Acrobatics to determine your Power, High Jump, and Long Jump capabilities. Substitute Survival for the lower of your Athletics or Acrobatics Ranks when determining your Overland Movement.

Prerequisites: Expert Acrobatics
Effect: You may run up and/or across vertical surfaces up to your Acrobatics Rank in meters before falling off.

Game of ThrohsEdit

These Edges can be learned by Trainers, or taught to a Pokémon for a Tutor Point.

Now is not the the time to use these!

"Hello again, Players. Edges in this section come from the Game of Throhs supplement and are meant more for High Fantasy worlds instead of a modern civilized one; literally out of most worlds. Before taking these, it might be a good idea to ask the GM first if some of these even apply to their world."

Combat EdgesEdit

These Combat Edges are supplement to the Combat Edges from the Core Book but with slight tweaks such as ammunition rules to better fit the Campaigns that Game of Throhs is geared towards.

Weapon of Choice  
Prerequisites: Novice Combat
Effect Choose a weapon type that will be your weapon of choice. This choice can inculde Unarmed or Shields but you must be specific, for example "Short Swords" instead of "Swords" or "Light Shields" instead of just "Shields". When you use weapons of that type for a Struggle attack, you deal +1 Damage Base.

Weapon Edge - Bombard  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect You learn Barrage, but you must use a Throwing Weapon. Barrage from this Edge has a range equal to your Weapon's range. If the GM deals with ammunition, each Fivestrike hit counts as 1 piece of ammunition.

Weapon Edge - Coiling Strike  
Prerequisites: Adept Combat
Effect You learn Vine Whip, but you must use a Coiled weapon. Vine Whip from this Edge uses Damage Base 6, instead of 4 and deals Normal Damage.

Prerequisites: Body Attribute of 3+
Effect Total Movement penalties from body-slot and offhand-slot equipment are reduced by 2.

Other EdgesEdit

Detect Magic  
Prerequisites: Adept Occult Education
Effect With an Extended Action you can discern if an item is magical and, if it is, the general use of the magic.

It's a Trap!  
Prerequisites: Novice Perception or Technology Education
Effect You can detect Traps in the nick of time, granting you a +1 evasion against Traps if and/or as they go off.

Craft EdgesEdit

Prerequisites: Smith
Effect When you craft a weapon with the Smith Feature, for 500 extra poké the weapon is enhanced and deals 5 extra damage when used for Struggle Attack or Weapon Edges.

Prerequisites: Smith
Effect When you craft Armor with the Smith Feature you may choose a Weapon Type (Slashing, Bludgeoning, etc) and for 500 extra poké the armor can be strengthened to grant one step of resistance against that Weapon Type.

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