General Education is a Mind Skill that covers well-rounded academic learning. The universal coursework covered through mandatory schooling along with a liberal arts education are most representative of the General Education Skill. Characters with a high General Education Rank tend to be masters of trivia and local or regional knowledge, though they often have specializations in more narrow fields such as literature, history, and philosophy. When building a character who will specialize highly in this Skill, it’s probably a good idea to think about a field of expertise or two to give the Skill more personal flavor.

This skill covers common fields such as mathematics, natural sciences, and other fields of study that are known by most people but Skill Checks for those challenges will rarely be tested since it's assumed characters know the basics unless they have a Pathetic Rank in this skill.

Skill ChecksEdit

General Education is usually checked when characters are faced with issues of current events, politics, or other general tidbits of information that doesn't fall under the purview of the other, more specialized skills.

Some examples include:

  • Knowing the political stance of local Gym Leaders or officials on important matters
  • Recalling details of recent news stories and understanding what they mean in the bigger picture
  • History to know that a town is wary of the characters for having a Camerupt with them because a herd of that specific Pokémon caused devestation in the town a decade back

Education skills don't generally have instances of Opposed Checks as they only represent what a character knows or can figure out. At most, this skill may be used as an Opposed Check in a race to see who can research to uncover a piece of information first.


General Education may also be used as a catch-all skill for the setting, covering whatever subject may be the focus of the game. For example if a game is more law enforcement oriented, General Education may cover police protocol and intricacies of the law while a High Fantasy Campaign might have this skill include court ettiquette and information of the ruling families.

While this skill itself is not specialized, it does represent a character's skill in researching topics. Of course more advanced knowledge will be out of reach and reserved for the more specialized Education Skills, but for characters who know little about the subject this skill acts as a good starting platform.

Associated EdgesEdit

Green ThumbEdit

Prerequisites: Novice General Education or Survival

Effect: You know how to grow Apricorns and Tier 1 Berries using a Portable Grower or Fertilized Soil.


Prerequisites: Novice General Education

Effect: Whenever you aid an ally in an Assisted Skill Check using one of your Novice rank, or higher, Education Skills, add your full Rank value as the bonus instead of half.