Intimidate is a Body Skill that governs the use of scare tactics and coercion to force others to act in one’s favor. It is a Skill that is lacking in subtlety compared to the other socially oriented Skills, but it can often compel results from otherwise unwilling parties where the others would fail. Expect to burn bridges and make no friends this way, however. Characters with a high Intimidate Rank tend to be physically imposing even when they’re silent and not acting. They often find work as club bouncers and bodyguards. Gang leaders and ranking members of criminal organizations also tend to have high Intimidate Ranks.

Skill ChecksEdit

Intimidate is not typically rolled as an Opposed Check, but special circumstances do exist. One example may be a group of trainers facing down a criminal team, each side trying to scare a pack of wild Pokémon into fighting for them.

"Listen up! I'm sure you're burning with glee at that, 'not typically rolled as an Opposed Check bit'. Well cool down! This is another case of bad notes. Intimidate isn't unopposable, remember you have to meet or beat a DC for skills to work sometimes. Braver characters 'will have higher DCs to be cowed into helping you or may even be beyond your means sometimes."

Example Skill Checks include:

  • Scaring off wild Pokémon
  • Bullying guards into letting you pass
  • Warding off potential pickpockets as you pass shadier parts of town


This Skill may also oppose Focus if, say, the user is trying to distract the target and disrupt them from doing careful/difficult work.

Associated EdgesEdit

Beast MasterEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Intimidate

Effect: Add your Spirit Modifier to all Intimidate Skill checks instead of Body. Intimidate essentially becomes a Spirit-Skill for you. You may use Intimidate instead of Command to handle unruly Pokémon and determine the limits/effects of Training.


Prerequisites: Novice Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, or Intuition

Effect: Your Pokémon may consume and benefit from 2 more Poffins each. If a Pokémon with this benefit is traded to another Trainer without this Feature, the extra dice from Poffins are not lost but the Pokémon cannot break the 6 Dice benefit limit. You may always use any Skill that act as prerequisites for Grace in the Introduction Stage of a Contest to roll for Contest Stat Dice of any kind.

Intimidating ProwessEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Intimidate

Effect: You learn Leer.