Stealth is a Body Skill that represents a character’s ability to hide, sneak, and generally move and act undetected. Stealth is often associated with less than legal occupations, such as thieves and assassins, but characters with high Stealth Ranks could also easily act on the side of law enforcement or as field researchers studying reclusive or violent Pokémon.

Stealth can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations, allowing a Trainer to ambush their foes or even sneak by them altogether. Even when these options are impossible, Stealth may be used to covertly perform reconaissance and gather information.

Skill ChecksEdit

Stealth Skill Checks are commonly made whenever a character tries to move around unseen or unheard, but it also covers sleight of hand, tricks, anything that requires speed or fine manual dexterity.

Some Examples include:

  • Moving around undetected
  • Sleight of hand
  • Picking pockets
  • Picking locks
  • Escaping bonds/traps

Opposed Checks for Stealth are resisted usually by Perception. In situations where the character is trying to escape magical restraints or open another character's handmade lock though, the opposed skill can be Occult Education or Technology Education.


Characters with Stealth are not always trained by a sinister organization or some sort of criminal; they may have developed the skill in any number of ways.

It can be used to follow someone without being detected, representing characters who know how to blend in or have light steps. While other uses include picking locks, which may just mean a sensitive touch to feel the tumblers click or escaping bonds, indicating a character's flexibility and body control to slip restraints.

Of course, Stealth also can represent high manual dexterity that allows characters to slip things on and off a person or perform small "magic" tricks for amusement.

Associated EdgesEdit

Art of StealthEdit

Prerequisites: Expert Stealth

Effect: You gain Stealth as a Capability.

Sneak's TricksEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Stealth

Effect: You learn Astonish.